The Collection, South Kensington, London


What a surprise..back in the day, I remember Collection as the prime teenage international haunt of South Kensington, and a bit rough around the edges. What I found, post refurbishment, and with new management, could not have been further from my  earlier experiences. Gone were the dusty sofas and strippers in cages, to behold an impeccably gleaming and sophisticated bar – the longest in London. Styled by Tom Dickson, a classy modern urban environment has been created, and one that hardly lacks atmosphere. Mix the low key buzz of a great DJ, with a superb team of well trained staff, and guests are lulled into the perfect hedonistic heaven. Combine the latter with exquisite dining, and you have hit the mark on city pleasures. Chef Alex Fanzola, blends Mediterranean cooking with an eclectic variety of flavors from around the world, and does so with such care that each mouthful is mesmerizingly memorable. The cocktails aren’t half bad either…just be sure to ask the manager Romain Pottier for his recommendations! A hot spot to hit for the future… we are all excited to see where this one goes.


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